Hip-hop, it's been said, is a young man's game. But as the culture ages and evolves, we've got more and more dope MCs in the 40-plus age bracket. And with that comes generational tension. It seems that the elders will always have a problem with young upstarts.

Whether it's skinny jeans, hashtag flows, or difficulty understanding social media, seniors and youngsters will never see eye to eye. This generation gap has been highlighted by the recent lawsuit Lord Finesse filed against Mac Miller. Finesse is upset that Mac used an unauthorized sample of his song, “Hip 2 Da Game,” on the mixtape joint “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza.” Even though they'd discussed it on the phone—and the young MC thought everything was cool—Finesse went ahead and put the smack down on Mac.

This isn't the first example of an older MC feeling slighted by a younger one. From LL Cool J beefing with Canibus back in '97 to Lil' Kim trying to stomp all over Nicki Minaj, the OGs and the newbies of hip-hop are always going toe-to-toe. Need further proof? Check out our list of The 15 Biggest Old School vs. New School Rap Beefs.

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Written by Jordan Zirm (@clevezirm), Max Goldberg (@goopygold) and Brian Josephs (@Bklyn_Rock).

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