Song: "End"

With mentions of Arkansas, Sierra Leone, and Idaho, Frank shows his talent for heavy-handed metaphors that really drive though. Yet, the simple and clear often best drives a point, drawing upon instinctual emotions to create a human response. “End” finishes with a recording of Ocean's “Voodoo” on top of sex in a car. The album started simply, bleeding into the distortion inside of Ocean's mind, and ends similarly. Like a wave, the crescendo collapses into a mess of dark thoughts and ideas, only to calm again before the next crest. When revealed as ideas floating around on a typical day, Frank's rambling lines makes total sense.

Despite his fear of love, his apprehension toward commitment, and his often overwhelming personality quirks, Ocean has a basic human desire for closeness. Hidden in his metaphors, Frank wants to express his concern for another, no matter the consequences, but still fears the outcome of such a literal act. What makes a perfect story of Ocean's feelings also expertly concludes the album, a brilliant rephrasing of every wish in a package that he can deliver to reality.