Song: "Crack Rock"

A clever play on words brings the drug/love overtones of “Crack Rock” into Frank Ocean's random mental hiding places. The song reads two ways from the beginning: a massive dual-construction that either shares the pain of crack cocaine addition or how love mimics the highs and lows of narcotics.

Everyone feels alone at times, but the dark overtones of love lost in Ocean's work take the feeling to an extreme. Ocean finds himself in the middle of Arkansas, standing alone in a field and thinking about where he'd rather be. With only a little love left to savor, here matching the method of crack intake, he realizes that he is soon to be utterly alone and detached, fearing a withdrawal.

Left with only a rock of crack cocaine to burn, Frank muses on the misery and loneliness of life while using a glass crack pipe to smoke the rest. Adding to his creative monologue, Frank sneaks wordplay into his seemingly random choice of Arkansas. What is the capital of Arkansas? Little Rock.