Prodigy: “That album right there, he changed the world. Fuck hip-hop. That album changed the world because it changed hip-hop and then hip-hop changed the world. So he basically changed the world with that album. Changed music period. Hip-hop first and then it offset everything else after that because everybody was influenced by that album.

“You name a rapper from back then, maybe not these new rappers that’s out now, but you name a rapper from back then and they was all influenced by that album. That was the best album out back then. Nobody was fucking with that. To this day there’s not too many albums that can fuck with that album.

“Those lyrics? He was just on the next level. He was just like... That was some spiritual shit, the lyrics that was coming out of him. He described the hood lifestyle perfectly. Especially in Queensbridge because there was a lot of shit that we was doing in Queensbridge that nobody else was doing in no other hood. He just personified it and just really made the perfect transition of what the hood life is and put it to music. That was perfect.”