Prodigy: “The same thing with her. Puff knew what he was doing. He was smart. I think I know where he got it from, too. There was a DJ in Harlem. His name was DJ Ron G. Ron G had these blend tapes, he created this shit called the blends where he would take an R&B song and he would blend it with a hip-hop beat. It was an R&B a capella and then he would take whatever was the new hottest hip-hop shit and put it on top. And it gave the R&B a new feel. This is where Puff got all that from.

“To give R&B a hip-hop feel, he got that from Ron G. So when they made the 411? album he basically took what Ron G did and made a real album out of it. And that’s what that 411? album is about. That’s why it’s got so many hip-hop drums to it. And Mary J, her career started with Ron G, she used to sing on Ron G’s mixtapes.

“So I think that’s where Puff got that whole idea from. Like alright, ‘I’m going to sign her, we gonna put the hip hop beats to the R&B and we going to fucking make millions of dollars off this shit.’ That’s why I say you’ve got to connect the dots with people. Now when people read that they are going to be like, ‘Oh shit, hell yeah.’”