Everybody is talking about NasLife Is Good. The hype is apparent, but what’s more important is Nasir Jones delivered another solid project. While there are songs addressing his tax issues and his public divorce with Kelis, he also talks about the troubles dealing with fatherhood. His song “Daughters” and the accompanying video have been heralded by fans for their honesty.

In this interview with VIBE, Nas speaks on creating “Daughters” with producer No I.D. and his daughter Destiny’s reaction the first time she heard the song. He also says that he wanted to get both Jay-Z and Eminem for the “Daughters” remix. Read some excerpts below.

On the first time Destiny heard "Daughters":

"She was there when I was recording it. We were in a big studio so Destiny was doing other things, but she walked into the room where I was recording it and heard a few words and said, ‘What’s going on?’ The whole room just started laughing and she kind of smiled and walked backwards out of the room. She didn’t know what it was about and she didn’t want to listen to it, but later on she heard the song."

On Destiny's verdict of the song:

"I think she understands where I was coming from. She can hear me saying that I wasn’t always around and I wasn’t always the best dad, but I care. And there are a lot of fathers like me. To me, ‘Daughters’ lets all those fathers out there know, ‘Hey, don’t end up like me in terms of not being there all the time.’ You should really pay attention to the most precious thing in the world. Destiny and I hang out all the time. She never beefs with me about it."

On reaching out to Eminem and Jay-Z for "Daughters (Remix)":

"One of the only other rappers I thought about was AZ. And I wanted Eminem for a remix for “Daughters,” but he had already expressed that he’s spoken so much about his daughter throughout his career that he had done that subject too much. And me and Jay-Z talked about doing some things, but our schedules were so crazy."

[via VIBE]