Macklemore and Ryan Lewis announced their next full-length, The Heist, will be released on October 9. The Seattle MC has been tightly-lipped about the project, but decided to give details on a major rapper feature from one of Top Dawg Entertainment’s unorthodox lyricists. During a candid interview with Sermon on a drive back to Seattle, Macklemore revealed that his collaboration with Schoolboy Q is completed for the album. In the excerpts below, he talks about the concept of the track, how it came together, and what fans can expect on The Heist.

On the difference between his previous albums and The Heist:

"The last time I did a full-length album was back in 2005. There’s a lot. Ryan is obviously on all the beats. We spent a lot of time on the records, particularly on the production side. We really put a lot of energy into the production side of it. Making sure the lyrics are right, the songs are right. In terms of being different, it’s more of myself. It’s a different chapter of my life and it’s a continuation of me being vulnerable, trying to be as honest as possible.
"I’m a concept writer. Those are the songs that I write. I don’t rap. I don’t do a lot of punchlines. I hardly do any punchlines. I wish I could do some punchlines [Laughs.] I just don’t think that way. I think in concepts. You know, I tried to be a little more general on this album. There’s some concepts, there’s some things, there’s some social issues that I’ve brought up. There’s some personal shit that nobody really knows yet. There’s always songs out there and to me you just have to be aware and open. I think that this album is what I’ve seen in the last couple years."

On the concept behind his Schoolboy Q record:

"Yeah, we did a record about Cadillacs. I always think I’m a proud owner of a Cadillac. Yeah, the record is dope. Q came in and that’s the homie. We met at SXSW a couple of years ago. He came in. We were kicking it when he was in town and he did a show. He came into the studio, got in touch with my guy, and knocked it out quick. The record is dope though and I definitely want to shoot a video for it."

On why Q is featured on The Heist:

"We’ve been cool for the last year and half now. I think there’s a mutual respect for each other’s art. I really wished he would have been part of this class – the XXL [Freshman] 2012 class. I really just fuck with his music. I love his new shit – Habits & Contradictions – that’s my shit. I think he’s a phenomenal rapper. It was a no brainer. He’s the homie. He’s a great rapper. He’s doing great things."

[via The Sermon's Domain]