Lady Gaga is known to be a visionary pop star with eccentric outfits to match, but lately, she’s been quite fond of a certain MC. Gaga expressed her love for Compton’s own Kendrick Lamar to her 27 million followers on Twitter a few weeks ago. When asked if her “Little Monsters" would jump on Kendrick, she tweeted, “I hope so. He and his lyrics are the shit.”

That mutual respect for a hip-hop artist isn’t unusual for Gaga. Believe it or not, she’s actually been infatuated with hip-hop and embraced her rap side for a while. So we put together Gaga's Best Hip-Hop Moments in light of her budding friendship with Kendrick. Read on to learn more about The Fame Monster's hip-hop state of mind.

Written by Eric Diep (@E_Diep), Max Goldberg (@goopygold) and Brian Josephs (@Bklyn_Rock).

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