Things got pretty crazy last night at the CBGB Festival at Webster Hall in New York City, when Harley Flanagan, the former bassist of the hardcore punk turned crossover thrash band Cro-Mags, stabbed two of the current Cro-Mags band members, forcing the event to shut down. The story goes that Flanagan allegedly forced his way through the VIP section of Webster Hall and into the Cro-Mags dressing room, where he stabbed band members William Berario and Michael Couls with a hunting knife, and also bit Berario on the cheek.

The two were hospitalized, but neither injuries were life threatening. And Flanagan was hospitalized as well with a broken leg, which happened when he was subdued by a pack of security guards before being arrested and charged with two counts of second degree assault, and criminal possession of a weapon.

According to the New York Times, John Joseph, the Cro-Mags' lead singer, said that Flanagan has been at odds with the band since he left in 2000, and has not permitted to rejoin. Joseph was quoted saying, “This dude has been a negative thorn in the side of this band forever. I hope he gets what’s coming to him.” Seems like the tension has been building for quite some time, which most likely led to last night's violent attack. This band beef is no joke, huh?

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