After weeks of anticipation and teasers, “New God Flow” is finally here. Kanye West and Pusha T’s new single off Cruel Summer starts off with a vocal sample of Ghostface Killah’s “Mighty Healthy” that sets up a wealth of quotable lines for rap fans to memorize. When something this big is actually worth the wait, the hype only makes it better.

‘Ye has cemented himself as a rap God for some time now, but Pusha has recently joined that pantheon as well. These two MCs have established a musical kinship over the years that dates way back to before the G.O.O.D. Music era. To make sure you understand why they are so on point, we’ve put together A History Of Pusha T And Kanye West’s Creative Connection. Read on to learn when the duo started collaborating and how they evolved into two of the most show-stealing rappers in the game.

Written By Eric Diep (@E_Diep)

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