Pitchfork's lineup had enough variety to please everyone, and most concert-goers took it all in and seemed to have fairly diverse tastes.

This was no more apparent than on day three, when two of the most highly anticipated acts, Kendrick Lamar and Beach House, performed. As far as the music goes, Beach House and Kendrick have very little in common. Kendrick brought his high-energy, intense lyricism to the Blue Stage late Sunday afternoon. Less than two hours later, Beach House calmed things down on the Red Stage as the sun set over Chicago.

The strange thing is, the same people you saw jumping up and down with three fingers in the air, hanging on to Kendrick's every word, were the same people who you could catch swaying along to the mellow sounds of Beach House. This was a big part of the story for the whole weekend. Instead of a disjointed audience who was there to catch a few of their favorite acts, Pitchfork managed to bring together a group of people who wanted it all.