At some festivals, the crowd is just there to soak in whatever music they can, and to have fun doing it. The concert-goers at Pitchfork were a little more critical. Instead of just taking whatever was thrown at them, some members of the Pitchfork audience approached performances as if they were about to run home and blog about them, nitpicking at the successes and failures of each act.

Grimes delivered one of the highlights of the festival, closing out Saturday night with a bang. But despite her crowd-pleasing set, there were still murmurs from some unimpressed attendees. As one disgruntled crowd member pointed out during the show, her new song with Blood Diamond was very much a poppy, electronic cut, more straightforward and accessible than the dark sounds on Visions.

While some people who saw it claimed her show at Pitchfork was one of Grimes' best sets ever, this guy griped, "Now that she's touring with Skrillex, Grimes is really getting all EDM. Her next album is probably going to be all dubstep garbage."