With every music festival comes a unique culture. Between the music, the crowd, the location, and the overall atmosphere, each one has its own personality, and sometimes it's the little nuances that really make the festival experience.

Pitchfork Music Festival has only been around since 2005, but the three-day event in Chicago's Union Park already has an identity unlike any other. The music was—as it should be—the focal point of the weekend. Pitchfork has always been on point with their lineup selection, and this year brought a diverse and exciting group of acts together. With bands like Vampire Weekend, Beach House, and Hot Chip performing at the same spot as guys like Danny Brown, Kendrick Lamar, and A$AP Rocky, there really was something for everybody.

2012's event was hot, muddy, filled with plenty of must-see performances, and a spot-on version of exactly what you'd hope for in a Pitchfork-curated weekend of music. If you're thinking about going next year and not sure what to expect, here are seven tell-tale signs that you're at the Pitchfork Music Festival.