"Every day it’s something different. If I like a beat, I might do a song on it. If I don’t. I won’t. Or just because everybody else likes something, I might not like it. If I already done a video that looks something like this, I’m conscious of the fact that I’ve already done a video like that and I want to make the next one better and better. If you just randomly look through my portfolio of random shit I’ve done, if you look at my first videos to what I have now, the quality is definitely improving. I'm never going to go back. I'm never going to fall backwards. If I'm shooting with a RED cam with lighting and all this shit, I can't go backwards and start shooting at-home freestyles and be dropping 10 or 20 of those. I don’t do that shit anymore.

I don’t try to do wild or outrageous or gimmicky shit as someone would probably presume. If you listen to some of the music I do, I don’t make the type of song the average person will try to make. In all my shit, I don’t try to do the shit I did previously. If I do some shit with a new artist or with somebody that’s doing something and I want to do something with, I feel like it will cause a certain buzz or people want to actually want to see it or I just want to do it for whatever.

Like the Kitty Pryde shit, that is one of my best videos. The location and all the shit we did for that video is like—I do think she sounds different to me, like a poetry-type rap. I don’t do shit based on if I think other people will like it or dislike it. I rather do something that I think could possibly be innovative or creative or something new that somebody couldn’t do, or wouldn’t do or was too scared to do. I rather differ from the norm than to try and be looked at this respectable artist guy. I don’t care about that."