Growing Up In Chicago

King L: “Growing up in Chicago, I experienced a lot. It was good, I love Chicago, and I wouldn’t trade my experience growing up here for anything else. I wouldn’t have wanted to be brought up anywhere else. I was born out West [Westside] and when I was in seventh grade, I moved to the Eastside of town. I bounced around between a bunch of schools out there before I eventually got kicked out for good.

“Living out West, it was a bit more country. The people are more Southern acting out West—it’s a lot more southern-influenced. I came up out West, so if people think I sound like I’m from the South, that’s where it stems from. Over East, it’s more New York, more lyrical. It’s like some New York shit over East. That’s why I’m like a pot of gumbo—my music might sound country, but I’m really rapping on it. It’s like I took everything I came up with and pieced it together.”