Last month, we premiered the fantastic new album from the rapper-producer team of MaLLy and The Sundance Kid. It's called The Last Great... and the duo is giving the release a strong push today with the visuals for "Good One." The track, which features songstress K.Raydio, ends up working more like the soundtrack for a TV show than your typical music video.

The impetus for that is the directorial team of Isaac Gale and David Jensen. They transformed the visuals into a hip-hop version of popular series Intervention. It has a lighter side to it, though, as MaLLy's friends try to convince him that hip-hop isn't the right career. Oh, and the counselor leading the intervention proceeds to stunt all over the place at one point.

You're just going to have the watch how the video pans out above and be sure to get a copy of The Last Great... here.