In a recent interview with FUSE, Chris Brown talked about a slew of interesting topics. He said that his Fortune album cover is inspired by ancient aliens and revealed all of the producers who he's been working with. Oh, and he said that hip-hop is dead.

Yes, like Nas before him, Breezy is making a case for the death of hip-hop. But why does he feel this way you ask? Well, you can either watch the video interview above or just read the choice quote below.

“You know how they said hip-hop is dead, certain sh** is dead? It's really dead, you know, because nobody believes in the brand anymore."

Brown then added the following in regards to saving the genre, or "brand" as he calls it:  "If we don't do it, who gon' do it ? I'm like, f*** it, I'll do it myself.”

[via HipHopWired]