Years Active: 1986-present
Label: Def Jam Records
Best Known Song: "Back To The Grill"

Straight outta Far Rockaway, Queens, MC Serch emerged as arguably the first fully credible white rapper of the mid-'80s, performing as a solo artist around NYC and frequenting hip-hop hot spots like the Latin Quarter.

After falling out with the Beastie Boys, Def Jam bosses Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen attempted to recapture the magic by pairing Serch with Pete Nice and DJ Daddy Rich. The trio enjoyed commercial and critical success for two albums before breaking up. Serch's slept-on solo LP, Return of the Product, failed to ignite much interest, though it did feature the Nas-blessed scorcher "Back To the Grill Again."

Serch's second LP would get shelved for over 10 years, but he remained a hip-hop luminary, executive producing Nas's Illmatic and helping Non-Phixion form. Today, Serch is a media personality, having had stints on the radio, as well as hosting ego trip's The (White) Rapper Show and Miss Rap Supreme.