Label: Mellow Music Group
Released: June 12th

It's hard to think that someone like Oddisee, who has been around for more than a decade, would take this long to release a proper solo debut. But People Hear What They Seewas worth the wait. It's both concise and cohesive, never running too far off track or too long-two qualities that aren't exactly commonplace on a hip-hop project.

But Oddisee's not solely focused on hip-hop. His love for jazz, funk, and rock rings heavy here, though it's not like he's dismissed rap or anything. In fact, he out-raps most of his competition on the opening track "Ready to Rock" and showcases his narrative talents on "You Know Who You Are".

While Oddisee has several strong solo releases under his belt, it's clear he wanted this to be his definitive statement as both a rapper and a producer. And there's no question that People Hear What They See is all that.