Label: Odd Future Records
Released: March 22th

More than three years after the release of The Odd Future Tape, Tyler, The Creator and his gang of entrepreneurial teenage misfits have returned with a sequel. The sensibilities of their early work remain intact, but this album shows a new side: the resource-having, world-touring OFWGKTA. From jump, the visuals that have always been so crucial to their brand, were elevated, with Wolf Haley—Tyler's alter-ego—directing more jarring, high-budget videos for singles like "Rella" and "NY (Ned Flander)."

The songs are engaging, even if the collective's outlook is stilled rooted in youthful immaturity. That approach may keep the potential of The OF Tape Vol. 2 from being fully realized by listeners who you won't find standing in line at one of the group's merchandise pop-up shops. But they probably  wouldn't have it any other way—and there's something admirable about that insular world view.

No matter where you stand on your level of allegiance to Odd Future, there's no denying that Tyler's production is tighter, or that Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis have asserted themselves as artists to watch. Take this project as a further declaration that Odd Future is here to stay, and they aren't changing for anyone.