Label: N/A
Released: April

From last November's Big Fucking Baby mixtape to his March release of No1 2 Look Up 2, Big Baby Gandhi has been flooding music blogs. The Queens-based rapper, signed to Greedhead, met the Das Racist trio after leaving some distasteful comments on the group's YouTube page. The slander proved successful and Heems has now mentored BBG to new heights while the 22-year-old St. Johns University pharmacology student works on his debut album.

With productions by Gandhi, Hot Sugar, and Steel Tipped Dove, No1 2 Look Up 2 showcases BBG's affinity for cheeky rhymes and lyrics about growing up in Queens. “I'm on the 7 train, peeping Spanish chicks/I'm on the L train, peeping white chicks/I'm on the J train, peeping black chicks/They all roll their eyes quick: As if,” Gandhi raps on "Drink a Lil Pepsi."

Similar to his mentor Heems, Gandhi focuses his lyrics on the life of first-generation immigrants in New York on nearly every track. “Gandhi Mahndi was the name they called him/The honeys call me Young Kama Sutra/Old white people real mad cuz I'm the future,” he raps on "Boogie Nights." His consistent screaming tone keeps all the focus on BBG, just as he intends.