Age: 24
Label: Taylor Gang/Rostrum Records
From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Active Since: 2005
Twitter: @RealWizKhalifa
Best Known Song: "Black and Yellow" (2010)

With all the WTF moments he's had with Amber Rose lately, some folks may have forgotten that Wiz Khalifa is the same man who put Pittsburgh rap on the map. Remember when you couldn't go a day without hearing that "Black and Yellow"? And what about when Kush & Orange Juice was your daily breakfast of champions? While the Taylor Gang leader has continued to drop radio-friendly hits—like his Snoop collab "Young, Wild & Free"—look for him to refresh everybody's memory with his sophomore effort O.N.I.F.C (Only Nigga In First Class, which is scheduled for an August 28 release. Until then, Wiz fans have the Taylor Allderdice mixtape to hold them down.

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