Album: Veni Vidi Vici-Single

Label: Vice Records UK

Producers: Black Lips, Diplo

Atlanta flower punk band Black Lips are notorious for their stage antics—drunken flashing, urinating, setting guitars ablaze, etc. Despite the group’s decidedly punk performance ethos, the Black Lips’ sound is all bluesy sun and fun. Their 2007 album Good Bad Not Evil was one of the year’s best, moving quickly if sloppily through sounds blending Motown, garage rock, and pop. During the time of Good Bad Not Evil’s release, Diplo had reached a crescendo as an indie darling—delighting critics and hipsters with DJ sets that included the Yeah Yeah Yeahs alongside current rap and pop favorites. As the coolest DJ on the block, Diplo was smart to start doing remixes for the variety of artists his audience was listening to.

An unlikely pairing at first glance, Diplo’s remix of the Black Lips’ “Veni Vidi Vici” remains one of his best remixes to date. The success of the collaboration lies in their mutual commitment to fun—The Black Lips with their languid, muddy guitar riffs and sing-along vocals, and Diplo’s sparse dancehall percussion underpinned by thick bass lines. Like any great remix, Diplo left the best elements of The Black Lips original while lacing it with enough dance-floor acumen to get original fans and club goers moving in unison.