Album: The Ecstatic
Producer: J. Dilla
Label: Downtown Records

Talib Kweli: “It was a conscious effort on our parts for the first few projects to make sure we were on each other’s albums. But then I don’t think either one of us felt the need for that as much going forward. The Ecstatic is just such a bright, beautiful, artistic statement, and he’s really on some next-level rhyming. He was just in the zone.

“It’s very similar to ‘Get Em High’ because it was made at the very end of the recording process. Yasiin hit me up and was like, ‘Yo I’m about to turn this album in, but I really need a song with you.’

"So very late into the album process, I sent that verse. I remember my verse had a couple ‘niggas’ in it, and he sent it back and was like, ‘I like it, but I don’t want any cursing on this album.’ So I redid it and took the ‘niggas’ out.”