In February of 2011 Cris Cab put up a YouTube video of his "Black & Yellow" cover and it took off, eventually racking up almost two million views and grabbing the attention of Pharrell. From that point on, he picked up speed and made a big impact with his Echo Boom mixtape. It doesn't stop there, though.

Cris Cab has joined Mercury Records and for his first major label single, he's bringing along some big names for support. The track was co-written by Pharrell, features a verse from Big Sean, and was produced by Wyclef.

"It was a song that we’ve lived with for so long and we were wondering what could we do to make it better," explains Cab. "Once Wyclef got to work on the production side it just feels like a new song."

About the Big Sean feature, Cris says, "I've always really liked his flow and I've been watching him since he was up-and-coming and I just thought that he could put a fun twist on the song and keep the energy up. He happened to be in Miami after a show one night and he came by the studio and I got to hang out with him and play him the record and once he said he loved it. I knew he was gonna kill it."

Look out for more music from Cris Cab soon, and if you're in New York City catch him live at Santo's on July 12.

Listen: Cris Cab f/ Big Sean "Good Girls (Don't Grow On Trees)"