25. N-Tyce “Hush Hush Tip” (1993)

Album: “Hush Hush Tip”/“Root Beer Float” 12 Inch

Label: Wild Pitch

Producer: 4th Disciple

Peter Rosenberg: “That was on Wild Pitch Records, and it was when Wu-Tang was super [popular]. It was produced 4th Disciple, and Meth was on it. It was just this random moment, where this chick comes out of nowhere, has a Wu-Tang affiliated record, and then you never really hear much from her again.

“The song is kind of sexy, but it’s super dark and Wu-Tang-like. It sounds like a totally authentic Wu-Tang kind of song. And Meth was so hot at the time, and chicks were so in love with Meth at the time. I remember I had it on a cassette single, and I put it on a mixtape, dubbed from the cassette single. Do you know how real that is?

“I don’t know what happened to N-Tyce, but I get a special feeling when I hear that song.”