21. Invincible & Waajeed “Detroit Summer” (2010)

Album: “Detroit Summer”/“Emergence” 7 Inch


Producer: Waajeed

Peter Rosenberg: “Invincible is amazing because she was the first white girl rapper that I was familiar with, and certainly the first one I ever thought was ill. And on top of that, she’s openly gay. She’s sick as an MC. She’s a 5’2’’ totally demure white girl, yet she has that Detroit shit about her that all really great Detroit MCs have. I’ve had this conversation with Royce da 5’9’’ about her, and other MCs from Detroit. She’s from the lineage of incredibly dope MCs, except her package is different. She’s very political, and really big on the justice for Palestine movement, but she’s Jewish and Israeli. And a lesbian. And white.

“But most importantly, other than pointing out what makes her up demographically, is she’s one of the sickest MCs you’ll ever hear. You could go see Invincible, and I’ve done this before, at a live show where no one knows her, and she will get a standing ovation by the end because she is that dominant of an MC. She’s incredible, and again, could be higher on this list if she had a more notable song that people really knew.”