6. Bo$$ “Deeper” (1993)

Album: Born Gangstaz

Label: DJ West/Chaos/Columbia

Producer: Def Jef

Peter Rosenberg:“I believe the story on Boss became that she was a total fraud, and that her character was totally made up. She was this gangster, but the later story was that she was really smart, and she went to law school. I remember there being this whole story about Boss that she was not who she was.

“But at the time when ‘Deeper’ came out, and I struggled between this and ‘Recipe Of A Hoe,’ and almost [included both together with a slash], you couldn’t tell me she wasn’t the hardest chick in the world. She had the glasses, the denim, all black everything, and then the beats were super hard. She was one of the first people I remember from Detroit, too.”