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Our June/July cover features Nas, who recently revealed his extensive knowledge of hip-hop when he listed his 25 Favorite Albums. As one of the pillars of rap music, the Don has bestowed praise on two young rappers during his interview with Rap-Up.

In the past, Nas has co-signed A$AP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Electronica as artists who are adding their youthful energy to hip-hop. Here, he singles out Harlem upstart Azealia Banks, one he calls the “total package,” and Meek Mill, who is the voice of the streets.

On Azealia Banks:

“I fuck with that "212." She has incredible star power, you can see it already. I think we need that. To come across the total package in this game, you need more than just a hot 16 and not everybody is blessed with the total package. She has it.”

On Meek Mill:

“I got my eyes on him. He’s the next one to take this shit over. I’m rooting for him.There are no more street orators in the game, who are fresh off the block and can tell us currently what’s going on. So you gotta appreciate him. We have to support Meek Mill’s movement because he’s talking about real life and if we don’t support that, then what are we doin’?”

[via Rap-Up]