Large Professor & Pete Rock “In The World” (1996)

Album: High School High Soundtrack

Label: Big Beat/Atlantic

Producer: Large Professor & Pete Rock

Large Professor: “He did the whole beat. He had the beat a certain way at first. Pete is infamous for that—at least, at that time. He’d have the beat one way, and you’d say your rhyme over it. And Pete would go in and flip the beat so ill, and it would come back sounding so much iller. And that’s what he did with that. We rhymed over a basic track of that, and he came back, and that shit had all these drum rolls and kick drops. That shit was dope.

“Then, I was like, ‘Yo, throw this in there.’ And that was the vocal samples on the hook. That’s another movie, High School High, when I see the scene that was in and I crack a smile. That’s cool. [Having] songs in a movie, that shit is crazy.”