Biz Markie “It’s Da Biz” (2001)

Album: “It’s On”/“It’s Da Biz” 12 Inch

Label: Down Low

Producer: Large Professor

Large Professor: “The first time I worked with Biz was with Paul C. I made the beats when Paul lent me that drum machine for those two weeks. Paul asked me to play them for him when he came to pick it up. And he took a few of the beats with him. And then he calls me up, maybe a week later, like, ‘Yo, Biz likes one of your beats. Roll through to the studio.’ I’m like, ‘Oh shit.’

“So I go to the studio. And that’s when Biz was working on [The Biz Never Sleeps]. I go in, and Biz is there, like, ‘Yo, you made that beat? Yo, that’s tough. I like that. I wanna use that!’ It was a beat that he never [ended up doing] anything to, but he liked the beat.

“After the session, he was like, ‘Yo, you need a ride? I’ll bring you back to the crib.’ And he brought me back to the rest, and came up stairs, and saw my records, and was like, ‘Yo, you’re good with the beats.’

“By this time, years and years had passed, through the G Rap situation and everything, and whenever I would see Biz, he would always have some good pointers. And he’d always big me up, like, ‘He’s the master with the beats!’

“When this record came about, Akinyele was down with The Flip Squad, and he was supposed to be writing a song for Biz, doing the lyrics. And it was just a throw-up, it wasn’t like there was any plan. It was like, ‘We’re gonna have LP come through with some beats, and it will be for Biz, and Ak will write it. And the girl singing on ‘It’s The Biz’ is the girl from Akinyele’s ‘Put It In Your Mouth.’ That’s Kia singing on there.

“I had the beat going one way. And Biz was like, ‘Nah, make it go [this way].’ So I hooked it up. Then he did his rhyme [instead of having Ak write it]. He was like, ‘Nah, I wanna just say this rhyme.’ And it just came about, man.

“It was crazy, because it was one of those later joints that was nice, but it was during that time period where things like that slipped through the cracks majorly. But in retrospect, when everyone goes through and starts rehashing, they’re like, ‘Yo, this was an ill sleeper.’ You get those purists that are like, ‘Yo, I got this joint!’

“I’ve learned a lot about the test of time through the industry. Just because something might not rock right then and there, you’ll see that later on, it might rock in a whole other way. [Or it might get big] in Japan or something. Word!”