Justin Bieber ran into a bit of trouble at his show in Paris earlier, literally. Yup, the pop star was performing on what he tells TMZ was "the tallest building in Paris," when he took a break between songs and ran into a glass wall behind the stage. He says, "There was a railing behind the glass, and so I went to reach for the railing, and hit my head on the glass." He was light-headed, but managed to go back on stage and finish his set. But as he made his way to the dressing room after the show was over, he passed out walking down the stairs for fifteen seconds, completely unresponsive, before finally opening his eyes.

Doctors say that Bieber suffered a concussion, but will be fine. Towards the end of recounting the story to TMZ, he said he felt good, but had a bit of a headache. You can listen to the entire phone interview, and watch a past run-in Justin had with a glass revolving door, HERE.

[via TMZ]