Earlier this week, we reported about Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond admitting his involvement in the 1994 Quad Studios robbery and shooting of Tupac Shakur. It was during a proffer session last fall when prosecuters claim he confessed information about the crime in order to possibly receive a reduced sentence on other charges.

Now Sibrena Stowe de Fernandez, who is Rosemond’s publicist, shared her side of the story, denying any confession was ever made. In her statement, she questions the journalistic standards of Chuck Philips for publishing false information and expects Rosemond to clear his name when he comes home from federal prison in Brooklyn.

"This Chuck Philips character is the "Howard Cosell" to Jimmy Rosemond. This Philips guy is trying to rebuild his torn reputation as a discredited journalist. And let's be clear, obviously folks are going to print whatever none sense they see others print. The bottom line is, Jimmy has stated time and time again, he had nothing to do with the shooting at Quad studios and rapper Tupac Shakur."

"If anyone knows Jimmy they know he doesn't have a problem with telling folks that and if he did shoot 2Pac he damn sure wouldn't say he didn't do it and if he did, what would be the motive? Jimmy's had more more money than 2pac, he had a street cred that dudes would love to have and he had card blanche with any record label and exec in the business. Why would he shoot Tupac? Certainly not for jewelry, nor money, nor envy of a reputation. Trust me, when Jimmy comes home, he's going to beat the shit out of Chuck Philips and if I were folks I wouldn't count him out and show me the proferring statements that they claim say he shot 2pac. What happened to journalists fact checking the stories they run?"

[via TheSource]