Fifteen years ago today, on June 3, 1997, Wu-Tang Clan dropped their classic sophomore double album Wu-Tang Forever, displaying their wisdom of the universe on twenty-seven tracks. The album also brought RZA's five-year plan—in which he promised the rest of the group that so long as they followed his tutelage they would take over the music industry—full circle as the album debuted at #1 on Billboard. 

Maybe that's why on the outro of "Bells Of War," The Rzarector explained the importance of the knowledge shared on the double disc, saying, "Yo shorty, you don't even gotta go to summer school. Pick up the Wu-Tang double CD, you'll get all the education you need this year."

It's no secret that we love the Wu around these parts (we even counted down The 100 Best Wu-Tang Clan Songs once) so to celebrate the anniversary of this epic Wu-Tang release, we joined forces with throwback dart specialists UpNorthTrips to put together a gallery of 36 Awesome Pictures of the Wu-Tang Clan (be sure to click the magnifying glass in the corner to see the larger version of the image). Peace to The Gods.

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Compiled by @UpNorthTrips and @StanIpcus