Drake and Chris Brown fighting over Rihanna. It's the story that you haven't been able to escape. The first developments hit this morning with Chris Brown posting and (and subsequently deleting) tweets about the incident, along with a picture of his injured chin. Then Twitter exploded with the news and #DrakeRanToTheBathroomBecause became a trending topic.

By the early afternoon, Drake's reps released a statement claiming that he wasn't involved in the brawl, and reports surfaced that it was instead Meek Mill who got physical with Chris Brown. Then Chris Brown sent this peaceful tweet to Meek Mill, making any beef between them seem unlikely.

It's been a day full of dramatic reports that weave an intricate web of rumors and hearsay, but Complex actually spoke to someone who was at W.i.P. last night. Read Ninjasonik rapper Telli's play-by-play account of last night's events below:


Whatever the feud was between them, it was crazy. It was so crowded and loud in there. It turned into a melee. It was n*ggas throwing bottles and buckets and tables.

"That shit was chaos. Whatever the feud was between them, it was crazy. It was so crowded and loud in there. It turned into a melee. It was niggas throwing bottles and buckets and tables. This nigga Chris Brown running out the spot and this nigga throwing bottles at the nigga. Niggas dead-ass hitting him with the bottle as he running out the shit. It was crazy in there.

The nigga Meek, he had nothing to do with the shit. He was in there, but he was chilling. All them niggas were in the middle, and Drake was in the cut. When you first walk in—I don’t know if you know how W.i.P. goesit's like a big-ass U.

Drake was in the back chilling with the homies. Mad niggas just doing their own thing, minding their own business. Chris was in the front walking in the middle of the U. In the back of the U is Meek and all them niggas, but they were just chilling. It was everybody partying. That was the most bottles I’ve seen in a while. There was bottles everywhere.

When the shit ensued, I was on my own wave, but then I seen the commotion. When the commotion happened, when it popped off, it was crazy. I didn’t really see them two niggas going at it. It was just everybody all in a row. It was just people throwing shit. Bottles. Tables. Bottles flying. Tables flying. One nigga threw a whole bucket. Niggas were throwing buckets at people.

People were getting destroyed in there. Niggas was wasted in there, hitting random people. They caught the nigga though Chris Brown low key. He was trying to get out of there and niggas hit him with the bottle as he was leaving.

I just saw the commotion. I was in the mix of that. He was in the middle. I wasn’t like right there in the middle, I was doing my own thing. But when it started popping off, it was like a brawl in the middle of that. Fists were flying. It was crazy in there. They popped off. We went over there when we heard. I wasn’t watching a nigga and what he was doing. He was over there. It popped off quick. 

When it started popping off, it was like a brawl in the middle of that. Fists were flying. It was crazy in there.


They got it on. It wasn’t no random fight. Them niggas got it on. It was crazy. If you was there, you would have fucked around and got hit with a bottle. It was crazy. It went from being the funnest party, wildest party—bottles and bitches everywhere—to chaos. Chaos. Bottles flying. People were swinging trying to hit anybody. It was wild in there. Niggas trying to throw that nigga Meek in there. That nigga wasn’t involved in that shit. He wasn’t in the middle of that.

Drake was in there. He was with the niggas I knew, and he had his niggas with him. When I came in there and seen the nigga there, everybody was in the middle, like all the celebrities. He was on the outskirts, chilling at the booth. Chilling. He had niggas I knew with him, and he had his team. He was in there thick. I wouldn’t try the niggas for no reason. He didn’t look suspect to me. Drake wasn’t in the middle of that shit, though. Like I said, when we was over there, they got into it. He wasn’t fighting. He wasn’t wilding like that.

I dipped into the room in the back and I was in there. I was in the cut with my man in there. When I came out, there was police everywhere. It ended this shit. It was crazy. It was fun. That shit’s crazy. Like we get into it all the time over whatever. These niggas making ends and shit. These niggas going at it like regular niggas. That shit is kind of trill if you ask me."