With over 27 albums under his belt, Christophe Le Friant—best known as his alter-ego Bob Sinclar—has been jetting around the globe burning up dancefloors across Europe for more than 20 years. Whether in the studios or in the clubs, Bob Sinclar has proven time and time again why he is the God of French house music, rivaled only by his colleague David Guetta.

A producer, DJ, record label owner, and—now that he's bought and re-opened Miami's Club Amnesia—nightclub impresario, Sinclar works under many names—The Mighty Bop, Africanism, Chris The French Kiss—as well as comprising one third of Yellow Production and one fourth of Reminiscence Quartet. Fourteen years after his break-out record "Gym Tonic," Sinclar’s biggest hit to date has been "Love Generation" featuring former Wailers lead singer, Gary Pine, which was chosen as the theme song for the 2006 World Cup and went to the No. 1 spot in six countries including the U.S. Dance charts.

In 2009, he realized his reggae dreams by producing Made In Jamaica with Sly & Robbie’s Taxi Gang—the same ensemble that legendary French producer Serge Gainsbourg  used on his classic Aux Armes et Cætera. Sinclar's project Made In Jamaica garnered him his second Grammy nomination. Since then he's gone on to collab with dancehall superstar Sean Paul.

Unafraid to funk with various genres in the same musical pot, Sinclar has proven that he's not some one-hit-wonder House DJ masquerading as a producer. So Complex asked him to break down the stories behind some of his biggest hits—in his own, perhaps slightly reckless words. You'll have to pardon his French.

Written by Sherman Escoffery (@JustSherman)

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