In the latest issue of Rolling Stone, producer/DJ Deadmau5 was clear about his view on fellow EDM DJs not making their live shows challenging enough. Here’s what he had to say in the interview:

“David Guetta has two iPods and a mixer and he just plays tracks – like, ‘Here’s one with Akon, check it out!’,” he said. “Even Skrillex isn’t doing anything too technical. He has a laptop and a MIDI recorder, and he’s just playing his shit … People are, thank God, smartening up about who does what – but there’s still button-pushers getting paid half a million. And not to say I’m not a button-pusher. I’m just pushing a lot more buttons.”

His words caught the attention of A Guy Called Gerald, a UK dance pioneer who is also known to be pretty outspoken. He published an open letter on his blog directed at Deadmau5. Sounds like he’s had enough of Deadmau5 slamming other DJs.

“I know who you are. You are some record company or failed journalist asshole left over from the last century who is jealous of the way electronic music is working in this brave fast new century. The only button you and people like you are interested in pushing is a nuke for the Palestinians. You come into our system that we have nurtured for the last 25 years, trick hardworking people into giving you their money, con honest promoters, take large sums of money out of the system and then spit back into our faces that YOU are tricking everyone.
“I agree there are loads of people like you who do fake it. It is easy with the software you are using. Don’t worry we are going to find ways of stopping you. You greedy rat head fuck.”

Since the interview, Deadmau5 jumped back on his blog to clear things up, and even breaks down what he does live. Looks like that's over - for now.

[via Fact]