Young Moe

Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Twitter: @Young_moe93
Pros: Hungry; rolls with Fat Trel, which should get him some shine.
Cons: Can he stand separately from Fat Trel?
Essential Listening: Humble Hustle

Despite still being in his teens, Virginia’s Young Moe raps as if he’s in his 30s. Moe uses that smoky voice to do more than just spit street tales and struggle raps—he makes it clear that he wants out.

His latest project, Humble Hustle, features everything from the grim “Death Is A Guarantee” to the Old Earth tribute “Dear Mama”to the Fat Trel-assisted “Tired Of Being Broke.” Young Moe is well aware of the American Dream, and he’ll put in whatever work necessary to get it.

Being associated with Trel which certainly get him attention, but it remains to be soon  if he can establish himself outside of Trel’s shadow. Regardless, Young Moe is extremely young, so he has plenty of time to develop as an artist. Whether it’s telling a dark story of hood circumstance, praying for a better situation or just being rowdy, Young Moe does it with a maturity beyond his years.