Hometown: Largo, MD
Pros: That underdog hunger.
Cons: A big gap between projects.
Essential Listening: While You’re Waiting

After a hiatus, Pro’Verb finally returned last year with his While You’re Waiting Project. Reppin’ the underdog, Pro’Verb is the type of MC you want to see succeed because you relate to that everyday struggle. Most of us can understand what it feels like to have doubters constantly dragging you down, or to be grounded by unforeseen setbacks, and Pro’Verb’s music speaks to all of that.

While You’re Waiting is a strong comeback showing, and he flexed on naysayers, regular-dude style with the infectious “Caught You Lookin’.” It’s a celebratory battle of the sexes track that, once again, we can all relate to because we’ve been there at one point or another. Let’s just hope he doesn’t take so much time between projects next time around.