Chris Barz

Hometown: Largo, MD
Twitter: @ChrisBarz
Pros: Clever, witty wordplay; also a producer.
Cons: Occasionally overdoes it with the #hashtg flow.
Essential Listening: Class[Sickz] Out The Dark

Representing PG County, Chris Barz is pound for pound among the best rappers on this list without question. Barz keeps listeners on their toes with his lyrics, dropping gems left and right, though he occasionally pushes the hashtag flow to the limit.

From the desire to be great to school just not working out, he rhymes about real-world issues, and accurately spins stories for those who don’t live and die on the corners.

He’s worked with DMV artists such as Tabi Bonney, and producers Tone P and Best Kept Secret, and the video for his relatable track “Dreamers” featuring Soul Train Award Nominee Jesse Boykins lll was played on MTVU.

His talents also extend beyond the mic, as he co-produced the beat for “Don’t Hold Your Applause,” the lead track from Wale’s MMG debut Ambition. With effortlessly smooth lyrics over mellow beats and a multitude of skills, Chris Barz can easily be one of the next artists from the area to flourish.