Waka Flocka Flame, Flockaveli (2010)

Label: 1017 Brick Squad, Warner Bros., Asylum

Blake Anderson:“I think that it pretty much changed the game. You can say what you want about Waka or whatever. like, ‘Oh he can’t rap.’ He always is like, ‘I’m not a rapper anyway.’ The proof is when this dude drops his album, if 80 percent of


It just makes me want to shoot machine guns.


that genre of music changes to sound like him, you know you did something right. Everybody is trying to be hype and get Lex Luger beats and all that. Everybody is just all about that energy that I don’t think anyone matches as well as Waka. He just brings this almost punk-rock energy but it’s so hood and hip-hop. I just remember kind of taking a gamble getting the album and it’s just one of those times...I was sitting at Universal Studios about to ride some rides, but I just kicked it in the parking lot because as soon as I turned it on, I was like, ‘Whoa.’ It just makes me want to shoot machine guns. I love Waka, he’s the shit.”

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