R. Kelly, Chocolate Factory (2003)

Label: Jive/Sony

Anders Holm: “R.Kelly’s Chocolate Factory. I went back and forth with some of these albums because I really like Double Up for whatever reason, it was just something I spun for three months straight. I could just turn it up in the car and drive around. It was just a big album. You know, kind of ridiculous, kind of big in scope. But Chocolate Factory, you just throw that album on, and from beginning to end it’s pretty sick. Do you want to listen to ‘Step In The Name Of Love’ and crank that up? Or, he’ll break it down with ‘Dream Girl.’ That’s a song you can put on a mix for your girl or whatever and she’ll come over and you’ll have a pretty good afternoon. ‘Ignition” is on there, the remix. I played “Dream Girl” at my wedding during cocktail hour.”