Willis Earl Beal: "I can give you the aesthetic and the aesthetic is much more existential. The initial writing style of my songs was very loopy and not really, it's not really about anything specific. The actual sound of the music, it's a combination of things.

"One minute I'm doing something ambient, like a spoken word thing over it with sort of light falsetto in the background. The next minute I'm doing a dirty ass, slightly off-kilter blues song about some cat who can't find his lady in the middle of the night.

"It's just got this bass, I'm using a bass guitar, I'm using a normal drum kit or whatever, and a hint of an organ, a little atmosphere behind it. I play the instruments on that, I play most of instruments on all of my songs but there's a couple of them that I use in the live shows.

"For instance, 'Ain't Got No Love' has got a whole bunch of shit in the background, I composed it because it based upon the composition I did for 'Masquerade' but they played all the instruments and I just sang over it. That was cool too. There's only a few like that.

"I like to limit how much things other people do on my stuff. There's a pseudo-punk rock song on there. There's a couple piano songs, one piano song in particular song that I play piano on, which I think is great."