Willis Earl Beal: "I started passing out music and flyers with my phone number on it after I got my apartment because it got to the point where I became very lonely and I had already been working on my art like my music and shit like that. It seemed like it wasn't generating enough interest, nobody was calling.

"I would walk to the coffee shop and some people would say something but for the most part I wasn't getting any reaction. The reason I wanted the reaction was because I wanted to get into some kind of fucking activity. I decided to make these little flyers, they'd be weird and someone would say something about it. So that's what I did.

"I started putting the flyers with the music. Finally once I did that, some people rolled into town from Found magazine. I was out watching a movie and the movie was over and I overheard them talking about these flyers that they found.

"I walked up to them and told them it was me. From there on, they did the telephone interview and that's how shit worked out. The story just continues but I get tired of talking about my story. I just don't really care about that stuff anymore."