Willis Earl Beal: "When I wrote those songs it was just private. I wanted a few people to hear it and it was just this thing where I wanted to be a little kind of cultural novelty. I did those things specifically for myself and for anybody who might stumble upon them.

"But now that it's released, I feel greatly embarrassed by it because there are critics who are saying things about it and it's like, 'Who the fuck are you to judge my personal, private thing that I did without you in mind? Who are you to say that this is the entirety of what I represent? You don't even know me.'

"It's come to my attention that all of this publicity and criticism and whether it's good or bad is ultimately destructive. It's a destructive force. To me, it's odd because I'm perpetuating it because I want to succeed in a conventional way, but I represent something else. I represent solitude. I represent doing things on your own. I don't represent some goddamn intangible machine, moving along, to influence people like that."