Backing Frank Ocean at Coachella

Alex: “It was super cool. A lot of people think the bigger shows must be nerve-wracking but it was chill and think it turned out really cool. Even with whatever sound issues happened it was a super good vibe.

"The way it worked was they hit us up a couple weeks before on Twitter and we figured everything out. It was really just a great experience. Hopefully we're going to be doing some more collaborations with Odd Future in the future. We actually did a collaboration with Earl Sweatshirt for his new project.”

Matt: “And for the rest of Coachella they hired us to play a bunch of sets and entertain the nighttime crowd and we just had a lot of fun drinking and jamming for everyone. A lot of people didn't know who we are but got really into our sets so that was awesome. We played five sets the first weekend and another five to six the second weekend.”

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