Action Bronson joined Raekwon this past weekend for an outdoor performance at a private house party at Princeton University, and for those of us who weren't invited, we are lucky that this video made it to the internet. Bronson, who takes full advantage of his wireless microphone and the beautiful weather, raps his set while walking through the crowd (and even at one point goes into the house to grab a snack), lighting up his long doobie between verses while preppy party goers rub his bald head and dance along in excitement. It's truly an amazing clip, and shows that Action Bronson is completely comfortable in his skin, and knows how to have a good time. The Princeton students are having a blast too, reacting favorably to lines like, "Treat you like a shark, put the hammer on your head," while posing for pictures with Bronsolino as he effortlessly spits his verses. Props to Bronson, that guy sure gets the crowd involved. 

S/o my dude @ActionBronson, we both tore down Princeton earlier today!!

— RAEKWON (@Raekwon) May 6, 2012