Pete Rock wants to make sure this whole beef between him and Lupe Fiasco finally gets resolved.

Lupe left quite an impression on Rock when he spoke with Sway on his morning show. Although he was very irate, the point was Rock wasn’t supposed to blast him on Twitter. "He was supposed to say the same shit he said on the phone: 'Yo, man, it was my bad, that was wack, it was fucked up for me to say that, it was disrespectful, I was 100 percent in the wrong, I apologize.' That's what he was supposed to say,” Lupe said on May 24.

A week after the single was released, Sway got down with Pete Rock to smooth things over. Rock explained to him that his classic “They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)” is still very dear to him because of its dedication to his fallen friend. "At that point, my emotions were working — I'm still thinking about Heavy D and Troy is a dear friend to me, and my emotions got the best of me, and I expressed myself on Twitter," he said.

Even if the artists have different views, Rock wants to make peace. Check out the sit-down with Sway as he explains why he wanted to assist Lupe in the remake. The Soul Brother also reveals his favorite Lupe tracks, as well as his goal for squashing this whole beef and moving on to more important things like the music.