The New York City-based team of Meyhem Lauren, Heems, and Action Bronson is back together for the video for their most recent collaboration, "Special Effects." The track will appear on Lauren's soon-coming free release, Respect The Fly Shit. And today, it serves as a soundtrack to a visual collage-of-sorts directed by one of the track's guests, Heems. Here's his description of the video:

I’m very lazy, so I wanted it to be where we live and watch movies on a projector. We live in a large loft in this old building in South Williamsburg. There was a SAMO tag on the wall but the Hasidic owners washed it away a couple of years ago. I wanted a pretty straightforward video with ‘special effects’ from visual jockey equipment [Suri's roommate] Fernando Eguchi would mess around with interspersed with footage from films Action, Meyhem and I like: Bad Lieutenant, Deep Cover, and Mr. India.

[via TheFADER]