Kidz In The Hall picked the perfect day to drop the video for their drinking anthem with Bun B "Pour It Up." After all, it is Cinco De Mayo. In the video, Naledge and Double-O are manning a liquor store while entertaining some lovely female guests, when some stick-up boys try to catch them sleeping. But Bun B comes to the rescue, and snuffs the gunman, who turns out to be one of the Rosenthal brothers from ItsTheReal. Then Double-O choke-holds the other brother, and the in-store party continues. As stated in the chorus, the drinks in this song are dedicated to UGK member Pimp C. And the smoke, well, that's for Biggie and 2Pac. Kidz In The Hall's album Occasion is available now, courtesy of Braniac Society/Duck Down Music.

[via RapRadar]